0800-1700 WSA Silicon and GaN PA for RF and mmW Applications
Full-day, Sponsors: RFIC and IMS

0800-1200 WSB Power Amplifiers for Software Defined Radios
Half-day, Sponsor: RFIC

1300-1700 WSC GaN-Based Power Supplies and Power Supply Modulators for Efficient Powering of RF PAs
Half-day, Sponsor: RFIC

0800-1200 WSD Techniques for Handling Interference and Self-Interference
Half-day, Sponsor: RFIC

1300-1700 WSE Coupling and Interference in Integrated Circuits: EMC/EMI-Aware Design Practices
Half-day, Sponsor: RFIC and IMS

0800-1700 WSF MEMS-CMOS Integration
Full-day, Sponsor: RFIC and MTT-21 RF MEMS

0800-1700 WSG Advanced SiGe and CMOS Phased Array Systems from 3 to 100 GHz
Full-day, Sponsor: RFIC and IMS

0800-1200 WSH How Digital Can RF Go?
Half-day, Sponsor: RFIC

0800-1700 WSI Wireless Power Transfer and Wireless Charging
Full-day, Sponsor: RFIC

0800-1700 WSJ Reconfigurable Radio-Frequency Transceivers
Full-day, Sponsor: RFIC

0800-1700 WSK Frequency Synthesis for 60-GHz and Beyond: Architectures and Building Blocks
Full-day, Sponsor: RFIC

0800-1700 WSL Ultra Low Power, Low Cost Radios
Full-day, Sponsor: RFIC

0800-1700 WSM RF and Wideband Data-Converters for Transmitters and Receivers
Full-day, Sponsor: RFIC

1300-1700 WSN Characterizing the Impact and Benefits of Millimeter Waves on Biomaterials
Half-day, Sponsor: MTT-10 Biological Effects and Medical Applications


0800-1700 WMA Modern RF-Module Design: Integrated Forms of Silicon and Gallium Nitride
Full-day, Sponsors: RFIC, MTT-6 Microwave and Millimeter Wave Integrated Circuits, MTT-16 Microwave Systems, and MTT-20 Wireless Communications

0800-1700 WMB Highly Efficient Power Amplifiers and Smart Transmitters
Full-day, Sponsor: RFIC, WAMICON, and MTT-23 RFIC

0800-1700 WMC Efficient RF Design Using Practical Behavioral Models - Bridging the Gap Between Measurements and Simulations
Full-day, Sponsor: ARFTG and MTT-11 Microwave Measurements

0800-1700 WMD Recent Developments in Low Noise and Front-End Technology, Design, Circuits, Measurement Techniques, and State-of-The-Art Applications
Full-day, Sponsor: MTT-14 Microwave Low Noise Techniques, MTT-17 HF-VHF-UHF Technology and MTT-22 Signal Generation and Frequency Conversion

0800-1700 WME Recent Advances in Radar Indoor Sensors, Wireless Implantable Devices and Biosensors
Full-day, Sponsor: WAMICON, MTT-10 Biological Effects and Medical Applications and MTT-20 Wireless Communications

0800-1700 WMF Physics-Based Nonlinear Compact Transistor Modeling for mm-Wave Applications
Full-day, Sponsor: MTT-14 Microwave Low-Noise Techniques

0800-1200 WMG Current Trends in mm-Wave Integrated Circuits and Integration Techniques
Half-day, Sponsor: MTT-6 Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Integrated Circuits and MTT-12 Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Packaging and Manufacturing

1300-1700 WMH System-on-Chip and System-on-Package for mm-Wave Communication and Imaging
Half-day, Sponsor: RFIC and IMS

0800-1700 WMI Challenges and Advances in Wafer-Level Calibration and Characterization of millimeter and Sub-Millimeter Wave Devices and Systems
Full-day, Sponsor: ARFTG, MTT-11 Microwave Measurements, and MTT-14 Microwave Low-Noise Techniques


0800-1700 WFA Revisiting Equivalent Circuit Models for Emerging Technologies: from Microwaves to THz
Full-day, Sponsor: MTT-15 Microwave Field Theory

0800-1200 WFB Frequency Agile Antennas and Sensors using Advanced Control Materials
Half-day, Sponsor: MTT-13 Microwave Control Materials and Devices

1300-1700 WFC Microwave Photonic Integrated Circuits and Systems: Opportunities and Challenges offered by Graphene and Silicon
Half-day, Sponsor: MTT-3 Microwave Photonics

0800-1700 WFD Statistical Modeling of Microwave Circuits and Systems
Full-day, Sponsor: MTT-1 Computer-Aided Design and MTT-15 Microwave Field Theory

0800-1700 WFE Recent Advances in Space Mapping Modeling and Optimization
Full-day, Sponsor: MTT-1 Computer-Aided Design, MTT-8 Filters and Passive Components, and MTT-15 Microwave Field Theory

0800-1700 WFF MIMO Radar Techniques and Frontends for Localization and Imaging
Full-day, Sponsor: MTT-9 Digital Signal Processing, MTT-16 Microwave Systems, and MTT-27 Wireless-Enabled Automotive and Vehicular Applications

0800-1700 WFG Efficient PAs and Transmitters for High Peak-to- Average Power Ratio Signals
Full-day, Sponsor: MTT-5 Microwave High-Power Techniques

0800-1200 WFH Terahertz Interconnects
Half-day, Sponsor: MTT-4 Terahertz Technology and Applications and
MTT-12 Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Packaging and Manufacturing

0800-1700 WFI Recent Advances in Digital Pre-Distortion for Wireless Communications
Full-day, Sponsor: MTT-5 Microwave High-Power Techniques

0800-1700 WFJ Inkjet-Printing: The Next Generation of Multi-Layer Fabrication, Integration & Packaging for RF and mm-Wave Systems
Full-day, Sponsor: IMS

0800-1700 WFK Beyond Graphene: Electronic Devices and their Potential for High-Frequency Applications
Full-day, Sponsor: MTT-7 Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Solid-State Devices