Important Preliminaries

Download a Powerpoint slide template. This is not only a template, but contains useful information on preparing your slides.

Here is a PDF version of the template for those who do not use Powerpoint but still need the preparation information.

Please see an extremely important warning about ITAR restrictions and publication clearances.

Oral Presentation Preparation and Submission

Presentations must be provided ahead of time; you may not load your presentation at the session. Slides must be in PDF or Powerpoint form; a Powerpoint template is available here. To have time to fix any unforeseen problems, it is essential to check and submit your file as early as possible. If necessary you can replace it with an updated version within the time frame given below.

Please check and submit your file in the Speaker Ready Room (Tampa Convention Center, Level 1, Room 1) a minimum of 24 hours in advance of your talk. Please make every effort to finalize your presentation for morning sessions by 1700 the day before and for afternoon sessions by 1130 that day.

If you are attending the convention for only the day of your session, you should come to the Speaker Ready Room as early as possible to upload your file(s) onto the presentation server and to check that they work properly on our systems. At the Speaker Ready Room, a technician will check you in, upload your presentation if necessary, and assign you to a preview station. There you will be able to review and edit your presentation and see how it will appear in your session room. You may make any last minute edits to your presentation at that time.

An audio-visual technician will be available to answer any equipment questions and to adjust lighting and sound levels to your requirements prior to the start of the session.

Internet connectivity is not available in the speaker ready room and oral session rooms.

If you wish, you may pre-submit your presentation at our special-event upload site. Pre-submission is not mandatory. The site is open from Friday, 28 April 2014 until Friday, 23 May 2014. After that time, please submit your presentation in the Speaker Ready Room. The upload site may be accessed from the following URL: To login, please enter your email address and the initial password Tampa.

Under no circumstances will presenters be allowed to email presentations to Speaker Ready Room staff.

Speaker Ready Room personnel are not responsible for your devices, i.e. memory cards, disks, laptops, etc. 

Session Room Facilities

Session room PCs will be provided with the following minimum configuration:

  • Processor: a minimum i7 2.93 GHz
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 1024 x 768 at 24 bit color depth
  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft Office 2010
  • Windows Media Player (Version 10)
  • QuickTime (Latest Version)
  • Flash Player (Latest Version)
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader (Latest Version)

All electronic files must be submitted in the Speaker Ready room using one of the formats listed below:

  • PowerPoint 2010 or earlier version
  • Operating System: Media should be PC Formatted
  • Web Browser: Internet Explorer , Chrome, Firefox
  • Plug-Ins: QuickTime 7, Adobe Acrobat X
  • Video Playback: Windows Media Player 10; QuickTime 7
  • PDF Reader: Adobe Acrobat X
  • Unix Users: Bring HTML Files or Adobe Acrobat 9

For best results, PowerPoint 2007/2008/2010 users should save their presentations in those versions’ native pptx format and not in the PowerPoint ’97-2003 format.

If you are a Mac user, it is mandatory that you come to the Speaker Ready Room at least 24 hours prior to your talk to ensure that your presentation can be properly formatted for our presentation machines. Also, please bring a copy of your presentation in PDF format.

Be aware that embedded media clips are not saved as part of your PowerPoint presentation; video or audio files must be on the computer used for your presentation. You must supply any such files along with your presentation file either when you upload it or in the Speaker Ready Room.

If your presentation contains any video or audio, please submit your files to the Speaker Ready Room AT LEAST 24 hours in advance, as additional processing time may be required.

Even if you have submitted your presentation in advance, please plan to bring your presentation to the meeting on one of the following media types as a safety backup for your talk:

  • USB Flash Drive or Hard Drive (any brand that does not require drivers) 
  • CD ROM (CD-R, CD+R)
  • CD+-RW and DVD+-RW (not recommended) 
  • Memory Card (Memory Stick, MicroDrive, Secure Digital, Multimedia, Smart Media, Compact Flash) 

Audio-visual equipment in each oral session room will include the following:

  • LCD projector (1024 x 768 screen resolution) 
  • 17" LCD flat-panel speaker’s monitor 
  • Table Microphones 
  • Podium Microphone 
  • Projection Screen 
  • Microphone Mixer

For More Information

Please review the ProjectionNET Style Guide at:ProjectionNET Style Guidefor more information about preparing your presentation, helpful hints for designing and presenting your talk, and tips to avoid incompatibilities and minimize potential problems onsite.

If you have other technical questions, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will be happy to assist you.