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What is Project Connect?

Project Connect, will bring an exceptional group of undergraduate students to the IEEE conference on a travel grant provided by NSF and IEEE.  Approximately twenty students from underrepresented groups will be carefully selected based on their academic credentials and career goals, through a competitive application process. 

The long term goal of this program is to attract a diverse pool of highly motivated students to the field if microwave engineering.  The technical planning committee for IMS recognizes that the future of this field depends on attracting the best and brightest from our increasingly diverse young generations. 

The program is designed to create an opportunity for students to interact with practicing engineers, to learn about the exciting new technologies being developed today, and to introduce students to the variety of careers in the area of microwave engineering. 

Project Connect Conference Agenda: 

The program will host students at the IMS conference for three days.  Specific agenda plans include: (1)  IMS Connect-focused panel sessions where speakers from industry and academia will share their experiences in Microwave Engineering; (2) A graduate student-led panel session for IMS Connect participants to learn about the highs and lows of transitioning from undergraduate life to working as a graduate research assistant; (3) Connect Monopoly™ is the vehicle that students will use to explore the exciting networking, educational, and industrial experiences of IMS2014; (4) IMS Connect participants will share their IMS2014 experience with a “Through My Eyes” multimedia presentation at the program wrap-up meeting.

Participant Selection Criteria:

  • Undergraduate junior or senior level student in engineering or a closely related discipline (e.g. math, physics, etc.).
  • Candidates should be members of under-represented groups in engineering. For example, in the United States these groups include women, American Indian/Native, African American/Black and Hispanic American/Latino.
  • Candidates should be over the age of 18.
  • Candidates will be selected based on their academic credentials,  their faculty recommendation letter, and their career ambitions as expressed in an application video. The selection committee is comprised of both academic and industry professionals.