Visit the Historical Exhibit at IMS2014 in the Tampa Bay Convention Center

The IMS 2014 team strived to make its historical exhibit a centerpiece of the event, by dusting off the exhibit items. The exhibit reminds us why RF/MW engineering is fascinating, with all the complexities that go into making a system such as AN/AWG Missile Control System (pictured).

Come and take a closer look at 94 GHz Radiometer, Radar Test Set, ATK WASP sensor assembly and many more. A new addition this year is a summary of how women have helped shape the RF and Microwave field into what it is today. Join us! The Historical Exhibit is located outside the Ballroom on the lower level in the foyer area of the Tampa Bay Convention Center.

New for IMS2014 –iBeacons

Download the IMS2014 app to your smart phone. When your phone detects that you are near one of the historical displays, the iBeacon will send information about the display to your smart phone. What more would you expect from the premier wireless conference in the world!